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Do you know our Management Tool WURZELWERTE? (ROOT-VALUES)
• There are no authentic corporate histories off the shelf
• Strong USPs don't grow on trees but need roots
• Qualified, loyal co-workers are interested in organisations
  with characteristic features
• Credible recommendations depend on tellable success stories.

Current PDFs:
Afrika heute, ist Afrika wahrhaft wagen. | June 2017
In den Mittelpunkt rücken: Afrika + Mittelstand! | April 2017
• b2b marketplace for Africa, Europe, Middle East:
  Presseinfo | Press Release | Information de presse
LCF LiveCom Fromme: Strategie, Werte, Portfolio
Unternehmenstheater: Interne Story und Emotionen auf
  der Bühne.

WURZELWERTE © by frank e. w. fromme.
Mit Storytelling begeistern und führen.
  Management- und Marketing-Tool

Location Searching:
“Does this suit fit me?” (live pre-research) Together you become acquainted with various locations.

Link Key-Gate Group
Link Key-Gate Group