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They say classics have the best stories, and classic video slot game Stash of the Titans this applies to any event. The slot machine with 5 reels and 20 paylines is inspired by Greek mythology and leaves you with the help of legendary heroes achieve huge profits. Thanks to the numerous odds of Stash of the Titans, you will no longer get enough of this world full of heroic adventures! Medusa, Cerebus and the monster octopus are just some of the legendary characters who are at this Microgaming slot game brought to life by stylish animations and stunning graphics. And just like in all great heroic tales is also waiting at Stash of the Titans is a treasure trove to be discovered, in the form of an incredible 50, Coin jackpots! When it comes to gaming experiences and gains, this game has something to offer for everyone: Slash of the Titans offers insights into the Greek mythology, lots of fun and the chance to win huge profits!

El software de Microgaming

En este juego, los desarrolladores de programa de Microgaming se asocian con la famosa marca a nivel mundial Ligón. Así que, te espera un electrizante viaje de soltero hecho a ley. Los jugadores pueden ganar hasta

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